Friday, September 16, 2011

Four days of LSNED

I am so chuffed that I'm up to date with my Learn Something New pages. I have been keeping it simple, I have all my pages cut out, a supply of tags and a template for the shape I'm using for most of my kraft pages (although I've cheated a bit when the mood takes me!). I have my pile of scraps and my circle cutters, and wonder of wonders, I've actually used a few stamps in the past couple of days - I don't often do that!

My learnings - perhaps more obvious: the joys of a relaxing Sunday lunch with friends, I realised my habit of picking up conkers just for their sheer mahogany beauty and stashing them in my pocket!, a trip to the airport allowed me to note how much I love going there, to fly or not, just because it widens my horizons for a few hours, and finally, as a struggler with stuff, I noted my new resolution - little and often - to apply to my cleaning/tidying/decluttering routine.

I'm enjoying this...

... and at halfway through, I'm glad I did it. I didn't know what to expect, but I'm finding a snapshot of everyday life and noticing things that haven't penetrated my scrapping life yet, but which are interesting to note down.

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Sandra said...

You have a way of taking us with you on your walk ... I LOVE the "mahogany beauty" :) Glad you've kept up with the class