Saturday, September 10, 2011


I don't often sit down for a play without some idea of what I'm aiming at, but having joined a decorated chipboard swap on UKS, I was only constrained by the shape (square) that I'd committed to.

So what to do? I dithered over various ideas, then remembered a spray ink I bought in the years Before Scrapbooking - when I was a card maker. It is by the same people as make Moon Glow embossing powders and is called mystic something. I bought it thinking it would be like walnut ink. It's not, but it does have this wonderful green malachite after glow - the ink is brown. So I inked with my chalk inks, then sprayed them. They came out wonderfully autumnal and a bit woody.

My first thought was the apple stamp I got recently, so I embossed it with mirror gold and then triple embossed with clear UTEE - fail! The embossing powder just disappeared beneath the UTEE. Thank goodness you can reheat it. I plunged the apple stamp into the reheated UTEE et voila, a perfect apple stamp, which I then used rubon tint (no idea what it should be called), which makes the UTEE look like wax (top right). The next apple, I just embossed and added some rubon to add colour (bottom left).

I then hit on a leaf stamp which I stamped then embossed with copper penny embossing powder, before triple embossing. The malachite spray really showed up with this combination, and I went with this x10 for my swap (top left). With the one that I messed up, I triple embossed, then stamped into the hot UTEE for a debossed leaf which I then coloured with rubons (bottom right)- it would have been a shame to waste it!


Angelfish said...

These look great, very seasonal :)

Shirley said...

These are lovely.... Looking forward to when I have one to use. :-)

Claireliz said...

Thats fab, loving the Autumn look.