Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Fireworks - with my SLR!

I've taken some stunning photos of fireworks (sorry that sounds really arrogant!) in the past using my point and shoot camera (see! no arrogance intended as it was all done by the camera!).

After last week's lesson on how to use my lovely SLR properly, I felt compelled to have a go at taking some firework photos of my own design.  This was much harder!  I took a load of photos, many were rubbish! but here are some of my better efforts.

I do love Fireworks and the Carshalton ones are some of the best around -  lucky us!


Mary B said...

Nice display, thanks for the prompting I have now put some of my photos in my blog.

Claire said...

Great firework photos.

Jo said...

Fantastic photos