Friday, November 25, 2011

Try Something New Every Week #13

As I have been going on retreat to Eastbourne with my cropping friends for seven years, I decided I needed an Eastbourne themed new thing this week.  There were lots of options but as our hotel looks out on the pier in one direction I thought the least I could do was go on it!  I like piers but November isn't always the best time to go especially when scrapping calls!

It was a beautiful day, I couldn't have had a nicer wander.  I went with four other ladies from the crop and we really enjoyed being outdoors in the sunshine.

Challenge: to walk to the end of the pier at Eastbourne! - tick :)


Glen said...

I thought I recognised the photos Ali. My father in law lives in Eastbourne and we took him to the pier the last time we were there. *Ü* I was hoping to visit him around the time of the retreat, so as to pop in and say hi to your all! Fab pics. TFS. ~Glen~

Jo said...

Looks like you had a great day for walking on the pier x