Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A few cards

Although I always mean to have a stack of cards ready for every occasion, I never seem to have the ones I need at the time.  This week I have an engagement card, an 18th birthday card and a birthday card to do, so I sat down to the task this afternoon, and also finished off a batch of Christmas Cards which need to be signed by a load of people before sending, hence the early production (totally unlike me!).

No rocket science, but I did get the chance to use my new Stamping Up mini ink pads and my Blending Tool which hasn't had much use lately.  Also nice to recycle a Christmas stamp from back I don't know when and my grand clear up of stash at the weekend unearthed some perfect pearl type paints which I used to colour in the image.


Sandra said...

Well done on starting your Christmas cards Ali! I expect mine will be a last minute dash to M&S again this year!

Jo said...

Your cards look lovely, well done on starting your Christmas cards xx