Thursday, November 17, 2011

Try Something New Every Week #12

It's been scrapbooking techniques this week for my trying something new.  I have been experimenting with mists, stencils/masks and Viva Decor pearl pens this week in an attempt to create a class for our Crop Retreat at Eastbourne this weekend.  So excited about going, very nervous about the class but here are some sneaky peaks and the final versions will appear once I get home again.

I've made two - a minimalist one and a 'normal' one - they are fun to do but you need drying time so are things to do alongside other projects.  I have yet to add the final touches (after all, I need something to do while everyone else is misting!)

I'm so hoping that everyone will enjoy having a play at stencilling, masking and making faux pearl or jet swirls and can't wait to see all the different layouts that people make, as it's not a kit class so everyone will be using their own stash to create something using the new techniques.

Got masks - tick!,  and  pearl pens, applicator sponges, inkpads, mists - so all set!  Just need to pack my clothes for the Fabulous 50s evening. Have a lovely weekend.

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Jimjams said...

These sneaks look great Ali - not heard of these pens before. Enjoy your crop - the class will go well I'm sure.