Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 things....

.... that made me happy today

1) The North Cheam Christmas Crop - lots of fun, food and the sock game - what more could you ask for?  well perhaps a bit more productivity, but hey! that was down to me!

2) Made a perfect pavlova - well maybe not perfect, but I have history with failed meringues and this wasn't one of them :)

3) A beautiful fine brown journalling pen in my Advent Swap today.

4) An even more beautiful Christmas cupcake made by Yvette at the crop - tasted divine

5) The discovery of a new shop just down the road from the crop - full of nice treasures that you don't need but you definitely could want!

6) Liverpool winning!

7) Learning to make 'jumblies' wrapping - good news for small present wrapping

8) Brilliant friends, both scrapping and other - and we even got to go and have dinner with some of them tonight.

9) New stash - a delicious Christmas kit from Gottacraft which I cracked open and used at the crop, and half a pad of October Afternoon's yummy Christmas range (name escapes me).

10) Cherries!!  My lovely DH found some at a local greengrocers and bought me a bag of black cherries - this is his traditional romantic gesture - he knows I love them, and him!


Alysse said...

How wonderful to think of 10 things that make you happy in one day!

Helen Overton said...

Some definite winners there, cherries are my favourite healthy thing, or cupcakes if we're being unhealthy. :D

Sandra said...

Never have I enjoyed a 10 on the 10th more. I couldn't agree more too about great crop friends :) just shame I missed the shopping, but I think I'll tak a little trip :)

Jo.C said...

Your enthusiasm shines through the post and just shows what a fabulous day you have had :0)

Michelle said...

Cool post! Gotta say no 9 is my fav! I'm waiting on a delivery of OA stash!

Jo said...

I'm glad you had a day of wonderful, happy things but I'm sad I missed you at the crop x

Sandra said...

And I was very glad to have shared some of the delights with you Ali. So pleased you had such a lovely day.