Thursday, December 15, 2011

Try Something New Every Week #16

Well, it's a day early but I'm still excited from last night.  For this week's new thing I went to the O2 with my 16 year old son to see Kasabian, one of our favourite bands.  We were rather late getting tickets so we were near the back but straight on to the stage so had a great view.  They were absolutely awesome - loved every second of it and the sound was pitched perfectly - the support Miles Kane, was too loud and raw for my taste, but K were polished and just the right loudness to enjoy to the max.

I'm very aware that I was immensely privileged to be allowed to go with DS and it will probably never happen again which made it extra special - bless him for not being too embarrassed to go with his Mum!  The set was fantastic too, with this curved screen behind and above the band, and the light show amazing.  As DS is studying lighting he was ultra keen to give me a lesson in all the technical aspects of setting up such a light show but from my point of view it just looked good!

Hard to tell which was my favourite - Velociraptor was amazing, and the finale of Fire just rocked the house. An awesome night out - ending in style with a riverboat back to London Bridge to avoid the scrum of the tube - and enjoy the lights of London.


Sandra said...

Amazing photos Ali I'm so pleased you had such a fab time and DS too! They do rock! How lovely to end the evening with a riverboat trip - I must find out about this from you in detail as we are there on Saturday for the Manics and I do hate that rush for the tube.:D

Sandra said...

Goodness Ali, sounds amazing