Friday, December 09, 2011

Try Something New Every Week #15 - A Crocheting Adventure

I've seen all sorts of beautiful mug cosies on my travels round blog world and then recently, on a visit to the Owl and Sewing Cat in Eastbourne I saw one in real life, which was crocheted.  Having seen it close up I decided to have a go at counterfeiting it!  As I'm a fairly novice crocheter, this is the kind of adventure I can cope with!

Using my delicious wool from The Fluffatorium in Dorking, rooster almerino dp, and a size 4 hook I cast on enough stitches to go round one of my mugs and started crocheting!  Eureka!  It works and now, with the addition of one button, I have a mug cosy all of my own - a bit wobbly but hey!!.

There are other patterns I like, particularly a cable knitted one, but I don't have a pattern for that, and I'm not such a good knitter as to be able to make it up, so I'll stick to this one for now, and maybe a few variations for friends and family.  But if anyone could direct me to a pattern??


Sandra said...

Wow well done designing your own without a pattern Ali. That is really impressive.:) I'm not sure there's a pattern for a mug cosy there but as a new crocheter do you know this blog

Jules said...

Have you been on Ravelry? If there's a pattern for a crocheted mug cosy anywhere, it'll be on there! You did a pretty good job without a pattern though :D

Sandra said...

Is there anything you can't do? Amazing Ali, I'm super impressed

Jo said...

Well done Ali, it looks great x